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Can Customer Order Kiosks Speed Up Your Business?

There are a number of factors that go into the success of a restaurant. Enjoyable food and friendly staff are two of the most obvious ones, but for a quick service restaurant, highly efficient operations are equally important. The ability to move a high volume of customers from the front door, through ordering, to enjoying their meal, and out again is absolutely crucial, and that focus on speed and efficiency is the main reason customer order kiosks are sweeping the industry. These kiosks provide a wide range of benefits to both customers and restaurants alike, making them an excellent choice for any restaurant looking to boost efficiency, customer experience, and revenue. 

Provide Unmatched Convenience to Your Customers

In the modern digital age, speed and convenience are everything. The smoother an experience you can deliver to consumers, the more likely they are to become loyal repeat customers. Employing customer order kiosks is a great way to provide your customers with that elevated experience and the options, convenience, and speed they demand. Quick service restaurants need to look no further than the success McDonald’s has had with their own customer order kiosks, which are incredibly popular, especially among younger customers. It can’t be overstated how valuable it is to give customers the option to get in, tap in their order, and get out quickly when they’re in a rush and not interested in waiting. 


Ease the Burden on Your Staff

One of the biggest benefits of customer order kiosks is that they reduce the burden on service staff, especially during busy periods like the lunch and dinner rush. Kiosks allow staff to focus on serving the customers most in need of in-person service, while customers who are totally comfortable letting technology take their orders also get served faster. Not only does that mean all of your customers will be happier with their experience, but it also helps minimize employee burnout, ensuring happier employees as well. 


Boost Revenues by Boosting Capacity

The faster, smoother service provided by customer order kiosks also means your restaurant can handle larger volumes of customers at any given time, and higher volume means higher revenues. That’s especially important at quick-service restaurants where the perception of a wait can often be enough to drive customers to move on to a competitor. By strategically employing kiosks, you can significantly boost volume while still getting patrons in and out with the speed they want (and you need), and the positive impact that can have on sales is astounding. 


Restaurants partnering with BAMS can get everything they need to successfully deploy customer service terminals in their establishments, from payment processing right through to hardware. Our restaurant merchant accounts are designed specifically to meet the needs of dining establishments, and our interchange-plus pricing model is the most transparent and most affordable in the industry. We’re also happy to announce a partnership with Abreeze Technology to offer our merchants the new Abreeze mobile customer order kiosks, a fantastic system that turns any android device into a fully functional portable ordering kiosk. 

For more information on BAMS restaurant merchant services,  speak to a member of our support team or request a free five-point price comparison.