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The Top WooCommerce Plugins for 2020 – How to Get the Most from Your WooCommerce Installation

WordPress continues to dominate web publishing, and, as a result, WooCommerce now owns well over a quarter of the eCommerce space. With so many web stores running on WooCommerce, a sea of third-party applications have been developed to help those merchants get the most out of their online efforts. The following are four of the best third-party apps available in 2020, covering everything from on-site search to drop shipping to analytics, and beyond. 

Metrilo by Cloudways

Metrilo, a WooCommerce app from Cloudways, is a truly multifunctional plugin providing analytics, customer resource management, and email automation for eCommerce businesses using WordPress. Metrilo’s real-time analytics provide comprehensive data on KPIs like revenue, product performance, marketing channels, and more. Its customer profile database provides limited CRM functionality, aiding in customer insight and engagement. The integrated email suite enables the data stored in customer profiles to be easily ported into marketing campaigns, greatly improving outbound communication. 

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Breeze by Cloudways

Breeze, another Cloudways product, is a free caching plugin designed to improve the performance of all WordPress sites, including WooCommerce stores. Its file caching, minification, and database cleanup functions significantly boost website speed, providing a more stable platform and a smoother shopping experience for end consumers. Breeze is free, easy to install, and very simple to use, making it a popular choice for WooCommerce retailers looking to maintain high site speeds. Breeze also comes with built-in support for Varnish, another popular WooCommerce caching application. 

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Dropshipping is an extremely popular avenue for online commerce because it doesn’t require merchants to hold any expensive inventory themselves. But finding and adding drop-shipped products to a store is time-consuming. The AliDropship plugin aims to make that process faster and easier by integrating the user’s WooCommerce store with AliExpress. The plugin allows merchants to import products directly from AliExpress, including all important reviews, eliminating most of the manual work involved in adding new items and building out sales pagers. The app also enables users to set pricing rules so that prices are automatically set on all new imported products. 

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Doofinder is an advanced search engine designed to make search more configurable for merchants and to make it easier for customers to find the products they’re looking for. The natural result is a better shopping experience and boosted sales. Doofinder’s predictive search uses search data to tailor the search experience for new users based on previous behavior. It also provides a full suite of search analytics to merchants in order to paint a clearer picture of how users are interacting with store searches, what they’re looking for, and what steps can be taken to optimize everything from inventory to SEO management. 

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Each of the popular plugins listed above is designed to improve WooCommerce store performance with the goal of increasing sales and improving profitability. In addition to keeping WooCommerce up to date with the newest performance-boosting plugins, one of the most important ways merchants can optimize their profitability is to also ensure they’re not losing money on transaction processing. BAMS, one of the world’s leading merchant services companies, integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and offers merchants guaranteed-low-pricing to ensure long-term success is never undercut by out of control transaction fees. 

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