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Get your Business Money Faster with Next Day Funding
Featured Article Get your Business Money Faster with Next Day Funding

Next day funding is a feature offered by some payment processors that sees the funds from a merchant’s batched transactions hit their account in as little as a single business day, with no standard hold applied. Processors set a cutoff time, and the funds from any transaction batched before that time will be available in […]

NYC Network local business payment processor Why New Yorkers Should Use a Payment Processor Based in NYC
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Big cities each have their own unique traits, and in one as large as NYC, there are enough of them that they make significant impacts on how business is done. There are local regulations, business payment expectations, and demands that may not exist halfway across the country. For this reason, it’s a good idea to […]

Woman using online banking on smartphone to see her next-day funding Make Sure Your Merchant Account Offers Next Day Funding
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Many merchant processors only offer funding for completed transactions with a two- or three-day delay. If you’re used to this, you may not realize how much this is affecting your business, but it shouldn’t take much thought before you can think of some problems it has caused. New businesspeople can also easily envision scenarios in which […]

Mobile payment. Credit card reader on smartphone scanning a credit card. concept Choosing a gateway? Make Sure You Get a Free setup!
Read More is well-known to e-commerce sites since it is the biggest payment gateway serving this market. It is stable, robust, and includes many security features. This ensures that it will remain the favorite for the foreseeable future.

Meeting your merchant services payment processing partner and shaking hands with smiles NYC Merchant Services – No Place Like Home Startup
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How is your business doing? Is your startup ready to rock and roll or is your well established SaaS business steadily growing? Perfect. That means that your stress and headache over the intricacies of payment processing are a distant memory – right?

Concept a Local Merchant Service Provider vector illustration Reasons Why You Should Work with a Local Merchant Service Provider
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There hasn’t been a more successful change in technology than in the way we make and accept payments. Since the automation of payments from our usual brick and mortar local banks and cash registers to mobile payments and credit card payments, various industries have since moved with the change and seen significant ease of doing […]

dollar sign with an arrow shadow. Next day processor funding concept 3 Ways Waiting For Your Processor Is Slowing You Down
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Money is the grease that keeps your business moving. Products, employees – keeping all those gears spinning is how your business gains and keeps its forward momentum. For cash transactions, making sure you get paid fast is easy, but what about your credit card processor?

New york skyline New York Merchant Services concept NYC Merchant Services Processing
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NYC is the city that never sleeps, so why does it make sense for a merchant to get a sleepy payment processor from somewhere else in the country? New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area merchants need a local processor that understands their business needs.  Let’s look at NYC Merchant Services.

Fictitious bank credit card front with EMV and back with magnetic stripe EMV vs Magnetic Stripe Systems
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We all know that the chip, or EMV, POS is becoming the new standard for card-reading technology. But what is the difference between the original magnetic stripe and the new EMV? And which one is better?

Small business worker accepting a credit card payment from her customer with a merchant payment processor Don’t Wait for Your Money – Use a Merchant Payment Processor That Funds the Next Day
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Making a sale is always great, but it’s irritating to have to wait for the money from the transaction to hit your account. Even worse, the delay can make it hard to run your business in an efficient way, especially if your company is smaller or has a drop-ship arrangement with its suppliers. Eliminating this […]

Close up EMV chip credit card 3 Reasons Why Your POS Needs to Handle EMV Chip Card Acceptance
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Over the last few years, many credit and debit card issuers have added the EMV chip to their cards. These are the little golden spots on cards that look somewhat like mini circuit boards. Inside them, microprocessors are embedded that encrypt data and make it more secure during transactions. There are many upsides to enabling your point-of-sale (POS) equipment […]

The benefits of eCommerce Processing The benefits of eCommerce Processing
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If you have a business that sells a product or service and you don’t have an eCommerce processing site, you are leaving money on the table and growth to your competition. The advantages of having eCommerce stores are immediate and essential for a small or growing business. If you need more convincing, consider the following […]