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B2B Merchant Processing Solutions
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When businesses buy things from each other, how do they do it? While extremely large capital purchases are sometimes made with bank transfers, you might be surprised at just how often even large business expenses are paid for with credit cards. However, accepting B2B credit card payments on major sales is generally not the same […]

What Merchant Services Providers Do: How Companies Like BAMS Help Businesses Like Yours Succeed What Merchant Services Providers Do: How Companies Like BAMS Help Businesses Like Yours Succeed
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Merchant services providers have a huge role to play in the success of all companies accepting electronic payments, both online and in-store. But, whether you choose to partner with a third-party processor like PayPal or to open up your own personal merchant account through a company like BAMS, it’s important that you understand exactly what […]

Best Choice - five stars Stripe Alternatives: How BAMS Stacks Up Against Stripe’s Payment Processing Solutions
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Since its initial launch in 2011, San Francisco-based Stripe has become one of the most recognizable brand names in online payment processing. Used by online businesses in over 200 countries, Stripe has recently expanded its electronic payments offerings with the introduction of its in-store card reader, the Stripe Terminal.  Stripe has a number of third-party […]

Ecommerce An Introduction To BAMS’ Popular E-Commerce Integrations
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We now live in a digital world, and online shopping has become king. A 2018 study by NPR found that an astounding 75% of Americans have purchased something online, and every year consumers shift more and more of their shopping to the web. As the leader in electronic payments, we at BAMS understand how important […]

Chargeback Protection How Your Business Can Protect Itself Against Chargebacks
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Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of accepting credit card payments, but they aren’t something businesses have to lie down and accept without a fight. Some chargebacks are completely legitimate, like cases where a purchase was made fraudulently by a third party. But many chargebacks are fraudulent, frivolous, or abuses of the system. In those cases, […]

Merchant TurboApp – IRIS CRM’s Merchant-Boarding Secret Weapon
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All BAMS business owners receive full access to IRIS CRM, one of the most powerful customer resource management platforms currently available on the market. IRIS CRM provides a full suite of tools that enable companies to manage all aspects of their operations, from communications to leads and prospecting, to sales, to payments, and beyond. One […]

Merchant Services Does Your Business Really Need A Merchant Services Account?
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Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, at some point you’re going to be faced with the decision of how to accept electronic payments and whether or not to apply for a merchant services account. That can be a tough choice, as there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding merchant accounts, from the difficulty […]

Myths or Facts Four Common Payment Processing Myths You Can’t Afford To Continue Believing
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Plastic is now the preferred payment method of choice for consumers across the globe, and accepting card payments is no longer an option for serious businesses. Unfortunately, a number of myths surrounding payment processing still muddy the waters and keep some businesses from taking the leap. Those myths are generally rooted in old information from […]

Merchant Services What Can Merchant Services Do For You?
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Cash may have certainly been king at one point in time, but nowadays, card-based transactions reign supreme for consumers and the businesses they shop at. 77% of consumers prefer to pay with credit and debit cards over cash. With this in mind, making decisions around the payment types you’ll accept as a business owner proves […]

Two Credit Card Policies Your Business Needs to Set in Stone Two Credit Card Policies Your Business Needs to Set in Stone
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Credit cards are a big part of every business. If your store isn’t equipped for credit card transactions, you’ve already put a huge roadblock in the way of your company’s growth. But if you don’t have clear in-store and internal policies, even the best merchant services can’t help your business navigate new regulations. Here are two […]