Reopening Your Small Business – The Importance of a Good Plan and a Good Partner

Reopening Your Small Business

There is no telling when COVID-19 will recede for good, and there’s a very high chance that a second wave will occur, setting us all back significantly. But regardless of when the pandemic finally ends, the world is going to be a very different place, and some of the habits we’ve learned during these troubling times – like using contactless payments instead of cash – are almost certainly here to stay for good in any small business. Continue reading “Reopening Your Small Business – The Importance of a Good Plan and a Good Partner”

Three Simple Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Online cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems plaguing eCommerce merchants, with up to 80% of all carts ditched by users before payment can be processed. The amount of money lost to cart abandonment each year is staggering, so it isn’t surprising that most merchants are constantly looking for ways to see their customers all the way through to order competition. The following are three simple but highly effective tips that online merchants can use to minimize cart abandonment and reduce the significant impact it can have on the bottom line. 

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Five Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools for 2020

Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools

With each passing year, bad actors find newer and more creative ways to scam eCommerce stores, costing merchants and payment processors billions of dollars annually. With that in mind, it’s extremely important that online businesses take the necessary steps to minimize the chances of falling victim to online fraud, including all-too-common chargeback fraud. The following are three of the top fraud detection and prevention services available to merchants in 2020, each of which represents multiple layers of protection that can be applied to each and every transaction processed. 

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The Top Seven BigCommerce Integrations for 2020

BigCommerce is one of the most popular and most functional eCommerce platforms currently available, and one of the reasons the company enjoys the success it does is their commitment to working with 3rd party app developers. Those developers bring a constant stream of new applications and functionality to the core BigCommerce platform, ensuring store owners can streamline and customize all areas of operations to ensure optimum profitability. The BigCommerce app store is vast, but the following are five of the best apps available to merchants in 2020. 

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What Is Risk Scoring and How Can It Help You?

Risk Scoring

Minimizing risk is a task of great importance to everyone involved in online commerce and electronic payments, from the merchants right through to the credit card issuers. High fraud rates and chargeback rates can have a significant impact on merchants, even resulting in enrollment in chargeback and fraud monitoring programs that can carry hefty fees. Risk scoring is a tool to help merchants avoid those negative consequences by catching and stopping fraud as it happens, and more and more merchants are enlisting them in the never-ending fight against credit card fraud. 

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What is Cyber Monday and What Can It Mean for Merchants?

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the online sale event of the year. Since 2005, it has occurred every year on the Monday after Thanksgiving and is the opposite bookend to the more longstanding Black Friday sale. And while Black Friday might be the most important shopping day of the year when it comes to in-store brick and mortar sales, overall, Cyber Monday is now king, with almost eight billion dollars spent on Cyber Monday 2018. That shift means a couple of things: first, that Cyber Monday represents a huge opportunity for merchants to supercharge their holiday sales, and second, that competition for online shoppers’ attention is at a yearly high on that day. 

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